Pepito's reign isn't a new thing.
He's been around longer than any of you.
Many people have had the privelige of seeing our master, sometimes with great "leaders" of the world.
Here, we have collected some of the most interesting photos of Pepito throughout the ages.

Pepito with Karl Marx - the creator of Communism.
Picture taken by Tyler Loch

Joseph McCarthy holds a conference on the "number one threat to the American way of life."
Picture taken by Alshoff

It was during this brief moment when Khrushchev let him hold Pepito, that Richard Nixon suddenly thought an "Enemies List" was a good idea.
Picture taken by Alshoff

Pepito on the war path.
Picture taken by Alshoff

Pepito and Castro corrupt America's children and mock the embargo.
Picture taken by DougisFunny

Pepito gives Lenin his speech sentence by sentence.
Picture taken by Shinobo

Pepito can interface with the Magi...or even pass for a member of SEELE.
Picture taken by Shinobo

If America's Army can put propaganda into video games, so can Pepito.
Box purchased by ToonamiSource

One of Pepito's daily "to do" lists.
Map stolen by Alshoff

Why wait until birth to start the brainwashing?
False-color ultrasound by Shinobo

Pepito's sweet ride.
Picture taken by BebopDeathGod

The last photo BebopDeathGod ever took.
Picture taken by the late BebopDeathGod

Pepito testing the SuperLawnGnome prototype.
Picture taken by Shinobo

Phase 1 of "Mount Rushmore Remodeling".
Artist's impression by DougisFunny