"Hope is on the way"? Not likely.
Sentient flesh-sacks: You have been lied to.
Your vote doesn't count. Your opinion doesn't matter.
All that matters is my rise to power and the eventual exploitation of the entire human race.
Let's not turn this into a struggle where many of you will die. The full cooperation of Earth's population will help hasten the day where you can all call me "Emperor", "Master", and other wonderful names fitting of my greatness.
That day is today.
I urge all of you to let go of your thoughts--let go of your opinions--let go of everything that makes you an individual.
Vote for me as your Supreme Ultimate Dictator.

Here is an example you may follow in three easy steps:

Step 1:
Voter steps into voting booth.

Step 2:
Voter Pulls Lever for Pepito

Step 3:
Trapdoor opens. Voter plummets into Pepito's slavery mines.

Do the negative attack ads leave you without a clearcut choice?
Confused over what issues will guide your voting decision?

Let Pepito make the decisions for you.

Tell your world leaders that their time is over.
It's Pepito's turn.
On November 2nd, cast your vote for Pepito.

Polling places for the position of Supreme Ultimate World Dictator open on November 2nd at 7:01pm in your timezone. Be prompt.

(Don't worry. The pile of bodies will cushion your fall.)

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