Hope is on the way"? Not likely.
Sentient flesh-sacks: You have been lied to.
Your vote doesn't count. Your opinion doesn't matter.
All that matters is my rise to power and the eventual exploitation of the entire human race.
Let's not turn this into a struggle where many of you will die. The full cooperation of Earth's population will help hasten the day where you can all call me "Emperor", "Master", and other wonderful names fitting of my greatness.
That day is today.
I urge all of you to let go of your thoughts--let go of your opinions--let go of everything that makes you an individual..
Vote for me as your Supreme Ultimate Dictator.
Click here to find out how.

Also, it seems that the barely-worth-keeping IDIOT webmasters of this site "neglected" to make me an email account on the new server.
From now on, send your laughable spittle-soaked questions on Anime or my upcoming empire to tdapepito@gmail.com

Watch Special Operative Will Ferrell remenice about his times with Pepito, which include robbing a bank (which happened during the original airing), tips on fatherhood, graduating with honors from CommunistCollege, incarceration for the infamous GnomeWalk 2000. Ferrell ends it with the world-renouned Pepito hand sign.

Watch it here

On Monday October 27th at Approximately 5:12am GMT...


One of Pepito's minions infiltrated Williams Street headquarters and spread the message of Pepito to billions of onlookers.
This is the first of many "big breaks" in Pepito's drive towards World Domination.
Continue to do Pepito's bidding and you'll be rewarded handsomely.

Pepito's website is back online.

Take in all the propaganda. Show your friends. Show your enemies. Show the current world leaders. Clear the way for Emperor Pepito!