You may be wondering....

What can a simple meatbag like myself do to protect my friends and family from the wrath of Pepito?
The answer is simple.


You will all eventually perish under his reign of terror, which will begin soon.


This is one thing you can do.


Join the P.D.F. Perhaps our master will spare your pitiful live when it comes time for all humans to become slaves to his greatness.
Behold our many signs, posters and other promotional goods. Feel free to download them and put them on your website. Or don't, and suffer the wrath of Pepito!

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Give to the masses so the masses will give to Pepito.

Pepito Pamphlet Package - A double-sided plain folded Letter pamphlet available in .pdf format (the official file format of the P.D.F.). Print each .pdf file on each side of a single sheet of paper, fold, distribute.


Great for message board signatures or for printing on large-format paper. REAL followers of Pepito also paint them on outdoor walls for all to see!

ORIGINAL POSTERS/MB SIGS BY SHINOBO - The Wonderful Ones that Started it all

Propaganda Posters - Gradually work the futility of resistance into the minds of those around you with these stylish images fit for printing!


Show to all those who doubt Pepito.

Pepito's Wrath - A P.D.F. Recruitment Movie - By TylerL.